Covid-19. A common enemy to unite us.

Leverage your cash flow during Covid-19

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Fleet Special Forces

Convert your commercial & passenger fleet into cash. Short term strategies to unlock cash flow. Business Turnaround Strategies. 
Lessons From Selling 250 000 Vehicles

Over  the last 12 years we’ve sold over 250 000 vehicle and over the last 6 years, we have digitised disposal processes for South Africa’s most prominent corporate fleet operators such as; Pick n Pay, Vodacom and fleet owning businesses such as WesBank, Standard Bank and EQSTRA.

The biggest challenges they all face is around the decisions they had to make in relation to when and how to sell their fleet vehicles. 

We’ve come to realise that every business, large or small, faces these challenges and tough decisions to varying degrees.

Leverage Capital


Fleet Restructuring

Post Covid-19 strategies has forced businesses to free up cash. A vehicle fleet can contribute between 40% to 50% of the operating costs in a business, it is natural for company to want to explore this area to find capital savings. 

We facilitate a conversation to understand your business needs and the desired outcomes you’re looking to achieve. We understand that during this time a low hanging cash flow opportunity is found in a companies vehicle fleet. And in a crisis, the knee jerk reaction is to sell vehicle assets as fast as possible. 


& FleetElite

DealersOnline set out to solve their own used-car sales problems in the backyard of Sandown Motors in 2007. In its fight for fairer markets, the business has continuously evolved and is constantly reengineering its technology and service offering. 

Today, we're leveraging their business process expertise, deep industry insights and technology capabilities to tackle problems for South Africa’s tier-one financial institutions like WesBank and Standard Bank as well as global automotive brands like Ford, Toyota, VW and Jaguar Land-Rover.

An acute awareness of our customers' needs led us to develop a special services division to DealersOnline. FleetElite was forged to relieve the pains and solve the problems that many fleet owning businesses were facing. 

Our Engagement Process

We have developed a simple three phased approach to ensure that we've earned our right to recommend.



We facilitate a conversation to understand your business needs and the desired outcomes you’re looking to achieve.



We evaluate the current state of your feet, procurement strategies, vehicle maintenance practices and disposal methods.



Our investigation into your current state and insights into your desired outcomes allow us to package a business case into a roadmap.