Cash Crisis. Leverage your assets

Leverage your cash flow during Covid-19

Valuate. Restructure. Sell Higher. Sell Faster

Post Covid-19 strategies has forced businesses to free up cash. A vehicle fleet can contribute between 40% to 50% of the operating costs in a business, it is natural for company to want to explore this area to find capital savings. 


We facilitate a conversation to understand your business needs and the desired outcomes you’re looking to achieve. We understand that during this time a low hanging cash flow opportunity is found in a companies vehicle fleet. And in a crisis, the knee jerk reaction is to sell vehicle assets as fast as possible. Vehicle Re-marketing from DealersOnline.

It maybe true that a vehicle fleet can realise much needed bridging finance during this time. However, before reaching the decision to sell your vehicles, it is important that you act from a point of strength rather than a position of desperation. Vehicle Auctions from DealersOnline.

Over the last 12 years we have been assisting our clients with:


  • What vehicles should I sell?

  • What is it worth in the condition it is in?

  • What is the market appetite for my class of vehicles? 

  • When should I sell?

  • Who will buy my vehicles?

  • How fast can I sell?

Partners in Progress

We bring that all important part of problem solving to the table - perspective. Motor vehicle refinance & fleet Restructuring.
Our clients are often too close to the process to see all the improvement opportunities, and further exacerbating their frustrations is the fact that their hands are bound by unnecessary corporate bureaucracy - the infamous red tape. Business Rescue.

We're an objective, external partner for business progress whom you can trust to question and challenge convention. We're a disruptive, agile and defiant force to drive innovation and get projects off the ground. Business Turn around strategies. 

When your decision equates to selling, it should be an informed one and it's imperative that the returns are maximized. It is true that you need to buy right in order to sell right, but the converse is also true, you need to sell right in order to buy right. Liquidators. 


We have sold 250 000 vehicles and performed over 1 million vehicle valuations, and in doing so we have solved many problems for many companies and at every level. We have also amassed an unmatched amount of data which we can draw deep industry insights from. 


We have made it our business to understand the automotive industry, and we can do so as we are privy to industry insights at the very highest level from South Africa’s automotive leaders. Raise my cash flow, liquidate my assets.

We have a birds eye view of what the market is doing and what it may do next. We can therefore leverage off this and our experience in the advice we offer to fleet operators. Sell my vehicle now. 

Our Approach


Determining the Second Hand Value

Second Hand Market Value is usually a quick referenced value against official Trade and Retail figures provided by bureaus such as TransUnion and various motoring platforms. Short Term cash flow strategies.

Trade = The estimated value you could potentially sell the vehicle to a used car dealer for.

Retail = The estimated price an end user may be willing to pay for the vehicle, in a showroom condition when buying from a dealer. 

These pricing matrix's are deemed as a guide to a second hand vehicles price, it is an assumed figure to serve as a peg in the ground , always bear in mind that this is guideline as no 2 second hand vehicles are in the same condition and market appetite varies from one vehicle to another.

 Vehicle Auctions.

Settlement Value. Cash Flow Solutions.

  • Owing to your bank - Auction my assets

    • Balance of Term - Cash Flow Solutions

    • RV= Residual Value / Balloon payment if any - Help my cash flow


​​Usefulness to Company​. Sell My car fast.

    • ​How crucial is the asset to your operation? Can you do without it?

    • Is the asset sweating? In other words is it yielding a profit?

Road Map​​​. Vehicle Fleet Re-marketing.

  • Based on the high level data  collected above we can then consider the companies to determine a remedy.

    • Stay in Service - Vehicles that will not yield the desired return at present.

    • Those that could be sold - Vehicles that are prime for achieving maximum value in the market.

    • Replacement options - What can the company afford to replace missing vehicles with if you cannot do without them?

      • FML / Leasing options 

      • Adhoc Outsourcing options such as couriers and 3rd party owner driver operations.

      • Bootstrapping Strategies, such as a vehicle sharing plan among departments.

Vehicle Remarketing & Pricing

At this stage of engagement a fleet owner will have a high level overview of the potential values and solutions that can be accomplished through a fleet restructure. Liquidate my fleet.


In order to proceed with a full fleet restructure, it is imperative to align your asset value with the understanding that no two secondhand vehicles are the same. There are so many variables which influence the price that a used vehicle will fetch in the market. These include not only details of the vehicles in your fleet like make/model, age, and mileage but also the conditions of the market. Vehicle Disposals from DealersOnline.

This is what makes calculating the residual values of new vehicles so difficult. To get it accurate, you need to have deep insight into market dynamics. What is my car worth?

Value is a moving target which makes pinning it down next to impossible but you can’t get away from it. There are certain circumstances in which you have to put a value on your vehicle. It’s scary to think that the entire success or failure of a transaction all comes down to a couple of numbers - the price. Best way to sell my car now!

It is paramount that a fleet owner has the full picture of what the market is prepared to pay for those assets in the condition that they are in. A Fleet Owner would be going in blind without this knowledge resulting in frustrations, delays and ultimately affecting his bottom line result. If the goal is to raise capital during this time, it should be maximised and you need to expedite the process. Listing a vehicle on classified retail site at the wrong price, without a detail condition report will not yield an effective result if any at all. Out sourced fleet options. 

We perform a detailed valuation on each asset which will identify the condition of a vehicle and assign a cost to the repairs of that vehicle. This is what we call a make good cost. Defined further, this is what a buyer would have to spend on the vehicle to get it back to a marketable condition. Sell my vehicles for the best cash price.

With this additional data, we would now be able to mine our sales database and offer a more accurate value of the vehicle based on the condition it is in. You have to consider how important this is in achieving the best price in the shortest time possible. If you do not know this at the time of going to market, you have effectively described and priced your product incorrectly. You would not do that with your traditional products or services that you trade in, the same principles applies to selling your assets. Know your product and price it correctly. Save my business with Business turn around strategies. 

How It Works


We review the useful life and residual values of your assets to understand your depreciation calculations. We then assess the current condition of your vehicles fleet with electronic inspections performed by trained professionals

Access to electronic data exchanges and bureau integrations allow us to quickly perform vehicle verification checks including year, accident and finance history, motor plan, service plan, eNatis status, stolen/recovered

We perform live price modelling with advanced algorithms fed by an integrated database of retail data, auction data and finance data. The pricing parameters are then weighed up against automotive industry intuition to get accurate vehicle valuations.


As a Fleet Owner, you now have an dashboard of your asset value that you can make informed decision from and effectively maximise your fleet restructure, and if the goal is to raise your cash flow? Business Rescue, COBRA partners in business turnaround strategies. 


You now have all the DATA at your disposal to make the right decisions. Liquidators and business rescue. 


You can now, leverage the assets in your balance sheet to raise capital through products such as Business Refinance or Asset Disposal. Cash flow alternatives. 

Our Solution

Vehicles best suited for disposal

Qualified vehicles may apply for equity refinance for cash flow

Recommended vehicles to retain for optimal  disposal at later date

  • FML 

  • Couriers

  • Bootstrapping