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We Demystify Your Fleet Disposal.

Vehicle Auctions.

Our fully automated and digitised processes ensure that our transparent and auditable remarketing solution increase your returns by 12%.

How Much More?

The decisions you make in relation to who you sell to and how you sell will determine the value you fetch for your vehicles.

The outcomes you’re after are seemingly simple, you want to maximise the selling price of your vehicles and increase the speed of the disposal process while minimising the cost. In your pursuit of these outcomes you're forced into navigating the auction and used car market minefield.

The waters are murky and make for a lucrative hunting ground. Unfortunately, you only have a couple of hours to think about how best to sell your vehicles. While car traders and auctioneers have made it their entire career to find ingenious ways to make a profit off the gaps in your knowledge.


Seamless & Smooth Asset Disposal

We’ve disposed of over 250 000 vehicle over the last 6 years which has allowed us to fine-tune our fleet re-marketing solution. The continuous iteration has allowed us to streamline our operations and keep our costs to an absolute minimum.


ELITE Returns

We expose your fleet’s used vehicles to the broadest and most relevant market audience to maximise your returns.



Our automated processes and robust technology minimise the time and expense it takes to inspect, collect and sell your vehicles.


ELITE Visibility

Our solution is transparent and auditable. Our technology increases your visibility into vehicle disposals with comprehensive reporting.


Multiple Disposal Channels

We give you the flexibility to customise your approach when disposing of your fleet vehicles.

Our network of over 7000 dealers across South Africa allows us to sell over 5500 vehicles per month with an average of 12% improved returns over traditional auction mechanisms.

This method gives you the immediacy of sale with the broadest number of buyers in a competitive arena to guarantee that you achieve the highest possible selling price. More relevant eyes means more bids and higher returns.

We buy your vehicles directly when speed is of the essence. DealersOnline has a nationwide base of skilled buyers to help our clients quickly and efficiently sell their vehicles.

Our buyers make accurate yet lightning-quick offers informed by sales data to ensure that you’re getting the fairest price for your vehicle. Our trade centres are in all the major hubs in South Africa for a convenient and quick disposal solution.

We provide a white-label solution with our clients' branding to hold an internal multi-stage auction to give their staff and drivers fair and equal opportunity to buy fleet vehicles.

In stage one, the vehicles are listed on a closed auction which is only accessible to internal staff members for a predetermined period. In stage 2, the vehicles that are not sold in are then added and marketed to the wider DealersOnline dealer network.


Our Method For Maximum Value

Our core technology capabilities, rich data sources and decades of auction experience mean that we can help you price, market and sell your fleet vehicles for more.



We collect and aggregate data from various sources including Internal Auction Sales, Gumtree Retail Listings, Finance Data, TransUnion Trade/Retail Data and Dealer Group Sales Data.

This allows us to value vehicles and set reserve prices to maximise your returns.



Our technology eliminates errors with standardised vehicle valuations.

Accurately described vehicles get more bidder attention and drive higher prices at auction. We also reduced advertising costs by marketing your vehicle to our database of 8500 used car dealers.



Our online auctions are transparent, safe and free of intimidation, collusion and ghost bidders.

We create a convenient and high-trust environment for buyers to bid anytime, and anywhere via their mobile devices. This all means that you achieve better returns.